Geveko Markings - Marking the future with you

Geveko Markings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a full range of materials for road markings, line markings and horizontal decoration applications. Our business concept is to develop and provide quality marking materials that contribute to increased road safety by informing and guiding road users and to create decorative horizontal surfaces. Moreover, Geveko Markings adds value through close cooperation and strong partnership with customers, specifiers and authorities.

The group originates from its 1924 roots and has produced road markings material since 1946. Hence, we have a long history in the road marking industry and over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise of horizontal markings.

Our products are manufactured in 7 different countries and we operate across more than 75 countries worldwide. We constantly strive to deliver the right marking product, with the required quality at the right time to our customers. Thereby, we hope to form the base for a long-term relationship with our clients.

Satisfied customers, quality markings, constantly improvement of horizontal marking products, research and development of new marking products is what Geveko Markings live off!

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