ColdGrip High Friction Kit

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ColdGrip High Friction Kit
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This calculation is intended as a guide only based on application, various conditions may affect the actual coverage achieved.
  • Each kit consists of 30kg of resin and where selected 175kg of aggregate
  • Quick curing, especially at lower temperatures
  • Greater flexibility
  • Polyurethane-based
  • Superb adhesion
  • Flexible even at low temperatures
  • No odour during application or following curing
  • No heat or specialist equipment needed
  • Suitable for use in ‘Flammable’ areas
  • Aesthetically pleasing - no joints or seams
  • Longer service life

Coldgrip is a hand applied, resin-based road surfacing material designed to provide the road user with high skid resistance. High friction (or anti-skid) properties are achieved and maintained throughout the service life of Coldgrip by the use of high PSV calcined bauxite aggregates giving a skid resistance value (SRV) of 70 minimum. By providing high friction anti-skid contact with vehicle tyres, braking is achieved more effectively, reducing the risk of skidding and loss of control of the vehicle.

Coldgrip is proven in use on the most highly trafficked roads such as motorway slip roads, trunk roads and major traffic intersections.

A coloured finish can be achieved by the use of Colourgrip colour-coated aggregates, please contact us for further information.

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