ColourGrip Colour Coated Aggregate 1000kg

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ColourGrip 1000kg
  • Sold as x50 20kg bags
  • Strong, opaque and light-stable colours
  • Standard or bespoke colours available - See below
  • Traffic or pedestrian grade aggregate sizes
  • Highly durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Fuel and chemical resistant
  • Skid and slip resistant
  • Many aggregate types available eg. calcined bauxite, granite etc.
  • Instant brightly coloured surfaces
  • High level of friction to reduce slipping

Colourgrip is a range of pigmented epoxy resin coated aggregates for use as part of cold curing resin systems used to provide anti-skid or high friction surfacing on highways and other paved areas.

The product can be manufactured using high psv calcined bauxite for maximum skid resistance or using natural aggregates to provide maximum colour retention and should be applied with our Coldgrip and Adtex cold curing resin systems, sold separately. 

Our standard colours, base aggregates and sizes are as follows:

Standard Colours on Chinese Buff Bauxite

  • Bold Red 0.9-1.4mm
  • Bold Red 1-3mm
  • Yellow 0.9-1.4mm
  • Yellow 1-3mm
  • Signal Blue 0.9-1.4mm
  • Strong Blue 1-3mm
  • Light Ivory 0.9-1.4mm
  • Light Grey 0.9-1.4mm

Standard Colours on Chinese Grey Bauxite

  • Red 1-3mm
  • Venetian Red 1-3mm
  • Deep Chrome Green 1-3mm
  • Emerald Green 1-3mm
  • Signal Blue 1-3mm
  • Strong Blue 1-3mm
  • Sky Blue 0.9-1.4mm
  • Sky Blue 1-3mm
  • Black 1-3mm

Standard Colours on Granite

  • Red 1-3mm
  • Venetian Red 1-3mm
  • Yellow Green 1-3mm
  • Deep Chrome Green 1-3mm
  • Emerald Green 1-3mm
  • Strong Blue 1-3mm
  • Black 1-3mm

Due to the volatility in aggregate supply we price and manufacture this product on request, MOQ's may apply.

The colour shown is for illustration only, samples are available on request

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