Hotgrip High Friction Surfacing 1000Kg

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Hotgrip High Friction Surfacing 1000Kg
  • High performance high friction surfacing
  • Enhances safety, reducing accidents in potentially problematic areas
  • Provides good bond to most common road construction services including: asphalts, macadams and primed concrete
  • Highly resistant to water ingress
  • Pigmented grades available
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Rapid return to service

Hotgrip is a hot applied, thermoplastic high friction surfacing system (HFS) designed to provide the road user with high skid resistance. High friction properties are achieved and maintained throughout the service life of Hotgrip by the use of calcined bauxite aggregates or granite.

Hotgrip is used to provide high friction pads on areas such as road carriageways, intersections, junctions, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, traffic lights or adverse cambers on bends, car park ramps and any other potential risk-prone road surfaces.

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